A Message from the (New) Director of Shambhala St. Petersburg

Dear Shambhala St. Pete,

Cheerful New Year of the Wood Horse! Thank you to all who were a part of our wonderful Shambhala Day celebration this year. For those who missed it, it was a wonderful and momentous day filled with activity, practice, and celebration.

It was also when we unveiled our new completely renovated shrine room. A lot of planning, time, and effort went into the shrine room and we hope that you will enjoy practicing here. We finally look like an official Shambhala Center!

Shambhala Day - St. PeteOur beautiful new shrine was built by sangha member Jocelyn Arthur’s father, Eric. He did a brilliant, professional, and meticulous job of adhering to the specifications set forth by Shambhala International. With the new shrine, floor, platform, Rigden thangka, and paint job, our shrine room looks like a miniature Karme Choling!

We think that this will really have a magnetizing effect for our center and will be a place where people will love to come and practice and be part of the community.

It was a humbling and exciting day for me, as well, in taking the oath to become the new Center Director for Shambhala St. Pete. I am very much looking forward to a year of growth and strengthening of our local sangha.

With our new shrine room and new leadership, I look at this as opportunity for a fresh start. I am also happy to welcome Christie Rainbeau as our new Director of Practice & Education. She will be a great addition to the leadership team and will help us take Shambhala St. Pete to exciting new levels.

One of our main focuses this year will be to create an open, transparent, culture of kindness. The center leadership will do their best to embody the teachings of The Shambhala Principle and to represent the Sakyong and the lineage of Shambhala in the best possible light.

We also want to hear from you! This is our community, and everything that we do will be done with the intention of doing what is best for the sangha. To this end, our first Community Meeting of the year will be held on Monday, April 14th, from 6:30-8:00pm.

At that meeting, we’ll explore our vision for the future of Shambhala St Pete, and also ask you what you would like to see more of, what we’re doing right, and what could be improved. Your input and participation is crucial to the future success of our center. Please join us!

I am very much looking forward to being of service in the coming years as the Director of Shambhala St. Petersburg. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Yours in the Vision of the Great Eastern Sun,

Travis May

Director- Shambhala St. Petersburg


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