Question of the Week: What to Expect at Shambhala

1976981_10152296850267053_1116918696_nQuestion: I am thinking about beginning the Shambhala curriculum. What should I expect?

Shastri Van Gils: The Shambhala curriculum is rich, profound and deep. It includes classes, weekend retreats, book study and meditation practice. You can expect that we will be providing a lot of opportunities for deepening your connection to meditation, for opening your heart to new experiences, and to understanding how the Buddhist and Shambhala teachings apply in a very practical way to your everyday life. You can take this journey at your own pace. Some people who have the time and desire take every program we offer, as it is offered. Others take long breaks between courses and retreats. That is entirely your choice and based on your situation. You can count on support from our community members in whatever way you choose to pursue our offerings. We also offer the support of a personal meditation instructor, who will guide you in your meditation practice as you journey on the path.

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What to Expect at Shambhala

  1. I seem always to be too far afield to practice
    with those who are in line with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as I would not be on this path were it not for him.

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