Anyen Rinpoche Talk on Dying with Confidence


This past weekend Shambhala members and practitioners from other communities gathered at Unity Church for Anyen Rinpoche’s talk based on Rinpoche’s book, Dying with Confidence. Rinpoche emphasized the preciousness of human life and preparation for death through practice as well as how to aid those family members and loved ones who face illness and death. He told stories from his own learning experience and development with humor and humility, which generated warm laughter from listeners.

In question and answer sessions practitioners asked a full range of questions regarding how to aid their loved ones, how to provide a genuine vessel for community practice, and what we take with us after death. Rinpoche emphasized that facing this moment may not be how we envision as it is the most challenging of circumstances that strips away all but developed tendencies. Rinpoche also mentioned that we dream about so many aspects of our lives, even song lyrics, but to truly inhabit Dharma, we should dream Dharma. In the afternoon session after lunch Rinpoche spoke in Tibetan, which was later translated by his wife and translator, Allison Choying Zangmo.

Rinpoche also emphasized the importance of communication in relationships, particularly during moments when loved ones are ill or dying. Both Allison and Anyen Rinpoche explained that philosophical or religious outlook is not as important as connecting and supporting loved ones in their time of need or feeling like we can rely on loved ones for support.

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2 thoughts on “Anyen Rinpoche Talk on Dying with Confidence

  1. Are you still in operation? Your website has no updates since 2016.

    We travel from Maine to Clearwater area about 4x per year and would love to join you when we are in FL.

    • Hi Jenna, yes, we are still in operation. Please come by or attend one of our events, listed on our website. The community sitting is every Sunday morning between 9-12, with a community lunch at noon. Please come by!

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