Director of Societal Health & Wellbeing Search Announcement


Shambhala St. Petersburg is looking for a new Director of Societal Health & Wellbeing.

The role of the Societal Health & Well‐Being (SHWB) Director is to promote and support the ongoing development of community within a local Shambhala Centre or Shambhala Meditation Group.

The Director safeguards the view that a community that enjoys being together, celebrating together and taking care of one another is an integral part of our practice and is as important as meditating and studying together.

Community reinforces the truth of interdependence and thus can be taken as a key component of our path to enlightenment. The SHWB Director holds the view that our mission, as Shambhalians, is to create enlightened society, rather than to become a collection of enlightened individuals. Therefore, the purpose of this seat is to foster what the Sakyong has called “a culture of profound kindness” at the local Center level.

The local SHWB Director would be the official liaison to the central Office of the same name. As such, he or she would be the communication conduit for matters pertaining to community, advising the central OSHWB Director about local matters and sharing with the local community pertinent information from the OSHWB.

Local Societal Health and Well‐Being Committee 

The Societal Health & Well‐Being Director forms and leads a local committee dedicated to fostering a warm, inviting, and caring community of practitioners, thus polishing and shining the Third Jewel of Sangha.

Activities of this position/committee may include:

• Fostering greater communication and contact among community members, including focused community building efforts.

• Ensuring there is a welcoming, hospitable environment for all who enter the Center.

• Developing awareness and pro‐active sensitivity as regards all aspects of diversity: racial, ethnic, socio‐economic, sexual orientation, age, gender, physical ability, etc.

• Making sure there are regular celebrations and social activities, including all Nyida Days (in collaboration with the Office of Culture and Decorum).

• Caring for the health and well‐being of community members when illness, conflict or social difficulties.

  • Promoting responsiveness by the Center to local and global environmental and social issues.
  • Ensuring that needs of families and children are completely interwoven into the fabric of community life.

There is also a lot of support for this position. You will be working closely with the existing leadership at the center, primarily the Center Director, and there is a lot of material and support from the Office of Societal Health & Wellbeing.

We are looking for someone who embodies a culture of kindness with a strong commitment to Shambhala, over a year of steady practice and involvement, and a friendly and uplifted personality who is willing to learn and be a part of a great team.

The right candidate should also be someone who is proactive and willing to take the initiative in actualizing the view of the position.

This position will remain open until filled, but we are looking to fill it soon. Please send a letter of interest to explaining your qualifications and your wish to join our team and take on this role. Feel free to send any questions you may have to the same address.



Yours in the Vision of the Great Eastern Sun,

Travis May

Center Director- Shambhala St. Petersburg


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