Khandro Rinpoche

Khandro Rinpoche is a teacher in the Nyingma and Kagyu lineages. Recently she gave a talk in the Amsterdam Shambhala Center where she spoke directly and openly about the current trials we are going through following the revelations of sexual abuse in our community. We think it is helpful to hear this perspective and insight … Continue 

Death Cafe Attracts a Crowd

Our Center hosted a “Death Cafe” on Saturday, December 15, 2018. This afternoon event, arranged and coordinated by Karen Marder and facilitated by Karen and myself, was amazingly well-attended. We expected perhaps 12 participants, but people kept coming through the door—22 in all, including a reporter from the Tampa Bay Times. Unlike workshops or other … Continue 

The Five Buddha Families

Linda Lewis, a long-time Shambhalian and teacher from Halifax, visited Shambhala St. Pete during the last week. Among her presentations was an introduction to the Five Buddha Families, which she gave in the evening on Wednesday, December 12. The Buddha Families are a Vajrayana Buddhist representation of five qualities of energy that we all share. … Continue 

To Avoid Suffering

We all have habits we wish we could avoid. In the Shambhala teachings, this web of habits and neurosis is called the cocoon. It is a safe place that we retreat to so that we can avoid the suffering caused by the world. The irony is that the place that we retreat to is causing … Continue 

A Letter to the Shambhala Community

Dear Shambhala Community: We regret that our previous letter regarding the Listening Post has caused some confusion. First, and most unfortunately, there was a typographical error in the email address for the Listening Post.  We sincerely apologize for the frustration we caused for those who want to participate in the Listening Post. The correct email … Continue