Director of Societal Health & Wellbeing Search Announcement

Shambhala St. Petersburg is looking for a new Director of Societal Health & Wellbeing. The role of the Societal Health & Well‐Being (SHWB) Director is to promote and support the ongoing development of community within a local Shambhala Centre or Shambhala Meditation Group. The Director safeguards the view that a community that enjoys being together, … Continue 

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Van gils article photo

Be Yourself: How to Succeed in Life and Work by Gayle Van Gils

Here is a reminder of self-wisdom from Shastri Gayle Van Gils as it appeared in Elephant Journal: Be Yourself: How to Succeed in Life and Work “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde For better or for worse, we have no choice other than to be ourselves, so I ‘d like to explore … Continue 

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Anyen Rinpoche Talk on Dying with Confidence

This past weekend Shambhala members and practitioners from other communities gathered at Unity Church for Anyen Rinpoche’s talk based on Rinpoche’s book, Dying with Confidence. Rinpoche emphasized the preciousness of human life and preparation for death through practice as well as how to aid those family members and loved ones who face illness and death. … Continue 

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A Review of the Technique: “The Simple Technique That Changed My Life” by Travis May

During meditation instruction I try to convey some importance about the part of the technique that involves letting go of our thoughts and returning to the breath. But, I don’t think that I really do it justice. When Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche visited my dathun (month long retreat) at Shambhala Mountain Center in 2008, he said … Continue 

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Shambhala Teachings and Practice Aim to Create a Culture of Kindness

We were recently featured in an article, Shambhala Teachings and Practice Aim to Create a Culture of Kindness.  You can check out the website for Florida State Homes here. All change begins with the individual. Shambhala practice is based in Buddhist thought but is open to all, as a response to the troubled and conflicted … Continue 

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Chogyam Trungpa & Sakyong Mipham’s Excellent Adventure: The Path of Shambhala Buddhism.

Shambhala St. Petersburg is primarily a community of friends and practitioners who share the common interest of meditation and the intention of improving the quality of life for themselves and others. Most of the people who come to our meditation center visit on Sunday mornings for sitting & walking meditation, come to our holiday celebrations, … Continue 

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Welcoming the Year of the Wood Sheep & Looking Back at a Memorable 2014.

On February 21st, Shambhala St. Petersburg celebrated Shambhala Day, the lunar new year, and welcomed in the Year of the Wood Sheep. Shambhala Day is our biggest annual holiday and is a time for community, practice, food and connecting with the worldwide Shambhala sangha. We met in the morning for a lhasang (smoke purification ceremony) … Continue 

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Question of the Week: What to Expect at Shambhala

Question: I am thinking about beginning the Shambhala curriculum. What should I expect? Shastri Van Gils: The Shambhala curriculum is rich, profound and deep. It includes classes, weekend retreats, book study and meditation practice. You can expect that we will be providing a lot of opportunities for deepening your connection to meditation, for opening your … Continue 

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Shambhala Day - St. Pete

A Message from the (New) Director of Shambhala St. Petersburg

Dear Shambhala St. Pete, Cheerful New Year of the Wood Horse! Thank you to all who were a part of our wonderful Shambhala Day celebration this year. For those who missed it, it was a wonderful and momentous day filled with activity, practice, and celebration. It was also when we unveiled our new completely renovated … Continue 

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Way of Shambhala

Question of the Week: Why are some teachings restricted?

Question: Why are some classes and programs restricted?  Are the teachings given “secret”?  Why can’t anyone attend? Shastri Van Gils:  In the course of the accumulation of understanding and knowledge, some subjects need to have a foundational understanding to make sense, and others may be intuitive, and can be grasped wherever you start.  If we … Continue 

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