Shambhala Guide Training

with Shastri Gayle Van Gils & Chuck Whetsell

January 24th—January 27th (2013)

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  • $190 Program Price
  • $190 Patron Price
  • $95

In addition to being trained to give initial instruction, a Shambhala Guide is a resource, friend, and host to newcomers within the context of Shambhala Center educational programs and events. The emphasis is not merely on delivering the meditation instruction but also on offering information on our Shambhala and Buddhist lineages, the programs, the practice paths, the shrines, Shambhala forms, chants, ceremonies, events and so on. The Guides will therefore be trained in the principles of engagement and friendship, listening, inquiry, and speaking from the heart, so they can assist each new student individually and appropriately.


1. Shambhala Training Levels I–V

2. Way of Shambhala year 1, or a year of Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies courses

3. Completion of a weekthun

4. Strong daily meditation practice and relationship to a centre

5. Three positive letters of recommendation

 Skills Taught:

1. Give initial instruction and conduct follow-up interviews

2. Communicate skillfully on topics of our lineages, culture, iconography, shrines, chants, ceremonies, and an overview of all of our training paths

3. Listening

4. Understand and communicate the precise, open, and beyond meditation techniques as taught in both Shambhala Training and the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies

5. Shrine hall protocols and functions: how to umdze, drum, correct posture

6. Lead discussion groups

The Shambhala Guide program is the first weekend of the Shambhala Meditation Instructor Training program and is a requirement for MI or AD training. Students authorized as Shambhala Guides may continue as guides without going on to attend MI or AD training. There are further pre-requisites to complete for those who are interested in going on to become authorized as a Buddhist MI and/or ShambhalaTraining AD.

For an application and letter of recommendation form, please email your request to: [email protected] 

The application deadline of November 10, 2012 is firm.  Once accepted, participants will need time to do preparatory study and practice in advance of the program.

For further information about this program or any questions, please contact:  
Travis May- [email protected]