Shambhala Buddhism- Lineage and Devotion

with Shastri Will Ryken

August 2nd—August 30th (2017)

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Room: Main Shrine Room

"It is very fine to look back on the lives of the great spiritual teachers, but equally, it is not particularly romantic. They had the same problems and difficulties in searching for the teachings that we have in this century. So there's always hope for us all; we don't particularly have to be born perfect. We could just be ordinary people; perfectly ordinary in the rugged sense; but equally we have a chance to develop spiritual understanding, as well as to attain enlightenment."

--Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Jewel Ornament of Liberation Seminar, Karme Choling,1970.

This course will introduce the principles of transmission and the student/teacher relationship as a centreal component to the study of Shambhala Buddhism.  Although historical figures are studied in this class, this is not a history class but a look at the dharmic paths and human qualities of our lineage holders.

We will also explore the path and introduce the central lineage figures of the Shambhala Buddhist tradition and the living and up-to-date nature of their life examples.

Suggested for students who are on the Shambhala path and interested in learning more of the traditional Buddhist culture that Shambhala represents. Must purchase "Lineage and Devotion" sourcebook to accompany course. Since it is coming from Canada, which means the shipping is really high, we will purchase them in bulk and then sell them at the center.