Writing as a Practice: An Introduction to Contempative Writing

with Miriam Hall

February 23rd (2018)

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Room: Main Shrine Room
I appreciate most Miriam's wisdom and spacious presence, her open heart, message of gentleness/being gentle, and knowledge. Miriam is a skillful teacher, who creates an environment of trust, where one can let go and open up to using words to communicate the unseen, and freshly felt experience of one's mind. Karishma Kripalani- Writing Retreat

Meet Miriam Hall, an internationally recognized teacher and increasingly published author. Through her experience as a writer and Shambhala Buddhist, Miriam shows how contemplative writing is a practice that can be utilized to help stimulate creativity but also heal obstacles on the path of meditation. Based on dharma and buddhism, contemplative writing is an art that allows creativity to arise from clear perception. As living, sentient beings, perception is available to all of us, all of the time. so all of us have access to creative inspiration simply by being. Come and learn how we can weave meditation, dharma teachings and contemplation to help us wake up to our true nature.

This class is an introduction to a weekend program, where we will explore contemplative writing more deeply on an experiential level. It will consist of conversation and a sample of a powerful writing practice. Open to everyone and unlimited in seating so come one, come all and explore contemplative writing with us!

If you are interested in the weekend program please register here. Seats are limited for the weekend program.

Learn more about Miriam Hall by checking out her blogs. The first, Memoir Mind, is focused specifically on memoir: writing, reading, and recommendations. The second blog, Inside Space, has a broader focus with a vulnerable personal voice: teaching, writing, photography, and life in general.

Miriam Hall