Being Writing- A Weekend of Contemplative Writing

with Miriam Hall

February 24th—February 25th (2018)

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  • $100.00 Program Price
  • $120.00 Patron Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

This retreat will allow us to explore writing, meditating and other mindfulness activities so we can access our Basic Goodness, our true mind and the rich content of our full lives' experiences, whether we are writing fiction, memoir, poetry or essay. This weekend is offered as a place to begin fresh with writing, continue on a project already underway, or begin a new writing project. People who do not identify as writers, but who are curious about writing as a contemplative practice are also welcome. 

This retreat will alternate walking meditation, contemplative writng (writing and listening) and sitting mediation. Through the mixture of practices of stillness and sharp awareness,our writng begins to sharpen and deepen, and, most importantly, we will begin to connect with ourselves and each other as human beings with real hearts and real stories.

Miriam Hall will create a safe container for whatever is needed to emerge. Learning to abide by the creative process, all of its ups and downs, resistance and flow, is essential if we want creativity to really work in our lives. In addition we will understand how to use compassion in this process Compassion is a common core for all of us. All of our relationships, activities, creative or otherwsie, need compassion in order to truly benefit the world. The practice of listenng, being listened to, and reflecting back to each other is perilously rate in our modern world.

This program is limited to 15 people. Please register if you are truly intending on taking this weekend.

Learn more about Miriam Hall by checking out her blogs. The first, Memoir Mind, is focused specifically on memoir: writing, reading, and recommendations. The second blog, Inside Space, has a broader focus with a vulnerable personal voice: teaching, writing, photography, and life in general.

Miriam Hall