Exciting Practice and Education Meeting

with Christie Rainbeau

January 17th

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    Room: Community Room

    When the practice environment is properly offered and supported the result can be a sacred atmosphere- healthy and full of brilliance. This will be reflected in the spirit of the entire community.

    The Pillar of Practice and Education embodies and guides the teaching of the view and practices of Shambhala Buddhadharma. We are essential for overseeing and cultivating the ongoing practice and education of both newer students and advanced.

    We would like to invite you to come, have some dinner and learn more about this important pillar of Shambhala. We would love to hear your ideas and concerns regarding practice and education at our center. If you feel inspired by the awesomeness of our community and are looking for ways to get more involved, LOOK NO FURTHER!! Our Practice and Education Committee needs people on it to help out with the numerous activities that we hold each month.

    Some of the roles we are looking to fill are:

    • Marketing- designing flyers, sending out emails and updating social media sites
    • Website design- Updating our website with new classes and retreats
    • Librarian- Organize our library and come up with a system to keep track of books
    • Book sales- Organize and keep track of book sales and what books need to be ordered
    • Chopon- Maintains both shrines (meditation hall and community room)
    • Coordinator- Organizing staffing and teachers for various programs (this role could be broken down where we have one coordinator for Learn to Meditate, another coordinator for the In Everyday Life classes, etc)

    This is our wish list, we have no hopes or fears but figured we would put it out there for everyone to contemplate!!!

    Please RSVP (register) and join us for dinner and conversation about the pillar of Practice and Education!!!