Contemplative Writing Group

with Christie Rainbeau

July 20th (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    This ongoing writing group explores the connection between meditation practice and the written word. No previous creative writing or meditation experience is necessary. Meditation instruction will be given.

    In each class, we do meditation and then 20 minutes of writng on a theme, with guiding questions. The writing is without break and often subconscious. The second half is spent sharing and/or listening to each other. The format comes from Shambhala Arts teacher, Miriam Hall.

    This is not a class on how to write and there are no writing teachers; this an invitation to use writing as a contemplative practice in an interactive environment.

    Attendees are to bring pens and paper. Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in as the meeting starts on time. 


    These meetings are free; $10 donations are appreciated for the maintenance of the center.