The Way of Meditation - Fundamentals of the Buddhist Path

with Shastri Will Ryken, Shastri Gayle Van Gils, Eric Rainbeau, Christie Rainbeau

April 15th—June 3rd

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Room: Community Room

The Way of Meditation – Fundamentals of the Buddhist Path

“In Buddhism, we express our willingness to be realistic through the practice of meditation.  Meditation is not a matter of trying to achieve ecstasy, spiritual bliss or tranquility, nor is it attempting to become a better person.   It is simply the creation of a space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic games, our self-deceptions, our hidden fears and hopes.  We provide space through the simple discipline of doing nothing.” From the Myth of Freedom

In this 8 week class we will explore the path of Buddhist practice and study.   The core reading material for this class is the book “The Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation” written by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

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April 15th         The Myth of Freedom

April 22nd        Styles of Imprisonment

April 29th         Sitting Meditation

May 6th           Working with Emotions

May 13th         Meditation in Action

May 20th         The Open Way

May 27th         Devotion

June 3rd          Tantra